The Untouched Orchid

2014-12-03 20.40.42

This is so super simple it’s not even funny and it’s a total aphrodisiac.  Yes! Figs AND basil, which this dish happens to carry both, are in fact aphrodisiacs. Figs are said to give the “impression” of a “woman”…well..yup, and Basil was used as perfume during the day of Caesar….plus it’s absolutely delicious!

1 Brown Turkey Fig per person

1 deli thin slice of Prosciutto per person

1-2 large leaves of fresh Sweet Basil per person

1 tsp balsamic GLAZE per person, NOT VINEGAR

Carefully remove the stem from your figs without damaging the skin. Cut an x about half way down. Wrap your prosciutto around to form a nest in the bottom of each bowl. Set your fig right on top. Take your leaves of basil, stack them all like a deck of cards, roll to form a tight cigarette and julienne.  Sprinkle over your fig. Now, drizzle with some balsamic glaze and you have a lovely “date night” dish!

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