MY Fantasy Island… Kauai, Hawaii

The view from the hotel parking lot. I could definitely wake up to this everyday.

Posting pics of Hawaiian food the other day stirred up memories of my trip to Hawaii. I remember talking to different people in Hawaii as I began reserving this and that. One woman told me that I was a lemurian. I had no idea what that was but, after she told me, I wanted to reach through the phone and hug her. So here are my pics of Hawaii … just incase someone is thinking about going. 😉

On the way to Fern Grotto
Still on the way to Fern Grotto
Fern Grotto
The laundromat because the washers were broke at our hotel
View from the airport in Honolulu. Connecting Flight.
On the way to Poipu
Still on the way to Poipu
Still headed to Poipu
Gonna get to Poipu soon
Yay! Were in Poipu!
Still there. Had to make a stop where Anthony Bourdain stopped.
Headed to Lihue
Great Mexican Restaurant in Kauai 😄 I had the BEST shrimp cocktail here that I’ve ever tasted and the staff was great!
Our view from the Mexican restaurant. Now tell me, can you get a view like this anywhere else in the U.S.?
The mini mall near the Ashton where they have AWESOME shaved ice!
The gigantic shaved ice at the mini mall near the hotel. I told you!
Unfortunately, this restaurant has since closed
My loco moco from the Oki Diner
Another view from the hotel parking lot ❤❤❤
This picture speaks for itself
Total Love
The stage for the luau performers
Walking up to the luau entrance
Chairs 😄
A peacock….actually, there were several at the luau location.
The Kalua pig oven in the ground
The pig

And that completes our mini tour of the island of Kauai. I hope you enjoyed this journey as many more are sure to come if you visit.

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