Biscuit Monte Cristo

The Easiest Monte Cristo You will Probably EVER Make!

This is by far the easiest Monte Cristo I have ever made. If you have ever experienced making one of these tedious little sandwiches, you know what I mean when I say they can be a real pain. So, when I was still on my refrigerator biscuit kick, I was standing around in the kitchen, biscuit can in hand, looking at the picture of the little refrigerated disks and trying to figure out a few more things I could try with them. Different types of food skimmed through my mind and finally I remembered the Monte Cristo. A sandwich with a batter crust. I had made doughnuts, pastries, eggrolls, etc. Why not try a Monte Cristo? So I did and I am extremely happy with the results.

Yes…that is a Monte Cristo before deep frying and yes…that is a biscuit wrapped around it.

1 can flaky layer butter biscuits

16 slices black forest ham

8 slices swiss cheese

½ c powdered sugar

Raspberry jam (optional)

Preheat deep fryer to 350˚

Separate your biscuits on a nonstick workstation. Press each biscuit flat using your hands. You want to create a rectangle-like shape that should be roughly 7×8 inches. If it is not exact, that’s OK. You can stretch the biscuits gently as you wrap them around the ham and cheese. On a separate workstation, start making your ham and Swiss squares. Take two slices of ham and fold in the corners to create a square shape. Top with 1 slice of Swiss, breaking off the corners and tucking them under as they will puncture holes in your biscuits. Repeat with remaining ham and cheese. Once all squares are formed, place one stack toward the bottom of one stretched biscuit. Fold the top of the biscuit over and press edges shut. Smooth down creases and set aside. Repeat with remaining biscuits. When you are done prepping your Monte Cristos, set them in your deep fryer, 2 at a time. Fry for 1 ½ – 2 minutes on each side. Remove from deep fryer and transfer to paper towels. Continue with remaining biscuits. Allow your Monte Cristos to cool about 3 minutes before dusting with powdered sugar. Serve with a little raspberry jam for that traditional taste.

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