House-Made Hummus W/ Grilled Pita

Amazing Hummus And Grilled Pita Triangles

If you’ve never had a good hummus, you have got to try this recipe. The flavor of the tahini really comes out. If you’re not too partial to the flavor of tahini, you can cut the amount in half and still have a wonderful result as well as a quick-healthy snack.

For The Hummus:

1 can chick peas, drained

5 c water

1 lg garlic clove, peeled

1/2 c tahini

1/2 c cold water

1/3 c and 1 tbs lemon juice

1 1/2 tbs olive oil

Kosher salt to taste

Pinch of cumin

Pinch of cayenne

Olive oil

Chopped parsley for garnish

For The Pita:

5 pita pockets

Nonstick cooking spray

Boil chick peas in 5 c water for 30 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water and gently roll around in hands to remove and discard skins. Add chick peas to your food processor along with the next 6 ingredients. Blend until smooth. Transfer to a serving bowl and use a rubber spatula to create the swirl on top. Sprinkle with a pinch of cumin and a pinch of cayenne. Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with parsley. Set aside.

Heat your grill to about 400 degrees. Spray each side of your pitas with nonstick cooking spray. If you prefer, you can brush each side with olive oil instead. Grill each side for about 3-5 minutes. Place on a cutting board and cut into triangle sections as you would a mini pizza. Serve along side your humus with fresh veggies and voila!

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