Fresh Berry, Mozzarella And Orange-Honey Chicken Salad

Super Light Orange-Honey Chicken and Fresh Berry Salad With Whole Milk Mozzarella Pearls

So, recently, I have been considering trying out pescatarianism. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it’s basically a vegetarian that still eats seafood and dairy but, since I’m lactose intolerant now, that cuts out the last part for me.

I’m not doing this as part of a trend or anything like that. I was raised on beef. I was born in cattle country for Pete’sake but, as I’m getting older, all the wear and tear I’ve done on my body has been shining through and boy am I feeling it. Since I am a meat eater, I’ve been starting this process slow by cutting my protein intake, carb and sugar intake and cutting my portion size way down. This salad is perfect for weaning oneself off of meat and still tastes amazing!

1 medium chicken breast, pounded flat

1/4 c honey

1/2 c orange juice, no pulp

1 head Iceberg lettuce, washed and chopped

1 head green leaf lettuce, washed and chopped

1 c fresh strawberries, hulled and cut into 1/4’s

2/3 c fresh blueberries

1 c whole milk mozarella pearls

In a zip seal bag or small deep dish, combine honey and orange juice. Mix well, submerge the chicken and transfer to the refrigerator for a minimum of 1 hour.

When you are ready to cook your chicken, preheat your broiler and transfer the chicken to a lined sheet pan. Pour remaining marinade over the top. Broil for roughly 8-10 minutes or until cooked through. Remove from broiler and set aside.

Meanwhile, get the salad going by combining the iceberg and green leaf. Mix well. Top with strawberries, blueberries and mozarella. Transfer the chicken to a cutting board and dice into small 1″ pieces. Scatter over your salad and voila! Easy Peasy-Lemon Squeezy.

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