Middle Eastern Tomato Onion Salad

Amazing Flavors Bring This Salad Together

In case you’re new to my blog, I do like to change it up when it comes to food. Every ethnicity has something amazing within their kitchens and I love recreating it. So, when I decided to make ‘nontraditional’ shawarma for the first time, I wanted deep flavors. I researched and researched and virtually found nothing like what I had envisioned. I saw a simple Mediterranean tomato-onion salad but, I had made that before and the flavors I wanted for the shawarma just weren’t there. This was about the time I decided to create my own. I think I hit the nail on the head when I came up with this. It goes great with Middle Eastern cuisine, Greek, on salads, in wraps, etc.

1 large yellow onion, thinly sliced
1 c grape tomatoes, halved
½ c cilantro, minced
1 tbs lime juice
1 tsp olive oil
½ tsp zahtar
⅛ tsp cumin
½ tsp ras el hanout
½ tsp crushed red pepper Fresh cracked black pepper and kosher salt to taste

Combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl and mix well. Cover and refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours. The flavors tend to be more vibrant after 24 hours.

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