Classic BLT On Brioche W/ A Fried Egg

I love a good BLT, I grew up on these. There was nothing like waking up to a beautiful spring morning and sitting down at the table to one of these as you watch the sun light up the sky, the horses grazing in the pasture and listen to the roosters crow from a short distance. Gives me warm fuzzies. But seriously, a BLT is a classic sandwich that has been adored for generations and costs so little to prepare. Salty bacon, crisp lettuce, spicy tomatoes, creamy mayo and an over easy egg on eggy-sweet toasted brioche. A definite fave for me.

16 slices thick-cut bacon

8 slices brioche, toasted

4 lg eggs

Drizzle of olive oil

1/2 c real mayonnaise

2 lg roma tomatoes, sliced

4 lg leaves greenleaf lettuce

Start off by frying up your bacon in a nonstick pan or on your flat top. Cook on both sides to desired donness. Transfer to paper towels to drain off grease. I prefer to toast my bread on the flat top but, you can absolutely pop your brioche into the toaster while you heat up a non stick pan for your eggs. Now, living in the south, a lot of people cook fried eggs in bacon fat, heck, I’ve got 5 jars of it in my pantry, but to many, this is blasphemy. With the ultra health living of the right here and now, most people use olive oil or coconut oil etc. This is where the drizzle of olive oil comes into play. You are welcome to use whatever you like to fry your eggs up to your own personal preference. If you’re cooking on a flat top, you can easily give it a little spray with nonstick cooking spray and drop your eggs. Cook on both sides to your desired donness.

While your eggs are cooking, spread a little mayonnaise on each slice of bread. Start layering with lettuce, tomato, add 1 egg to each BLT, top with 4 slices of bacon each and finish off with the final slice of brioche.

When I was a kid, I used to put ketchup and onions on my BLTs. I know, it probably sounds pretty nasty, but to me, it was amazing.

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