Wild Blackberry, Peach And Matcha Smoothie

Some of my fondest memories are of growing up in the sticks. Everyone in the neighborhood had at least 1 horse, rode dirt bikes, went swimming in a nearby pond and I can’t tell you how nice it was to be able to go jogging down the backroads without having to worry about constant on-coming traffic. It was great. But, one of my favorite things was going blackberry picking in the fields across the street. There wasn’t a time that we didn’t come back with a huge bowl full of wild blackberries. Luckily, there’s a woodsy area behind my house where blackberries grow wild that I have easy access to. If you don’t already have experience in picking blackberries (ie: knowing the difference between poisonous berries and edible and knowing where snakes are lurking) I highly do not suggest you go out randomly picking berries out of your yard or nearby forest. Just go buy some blackberries from the store.

1 c Frozen Wild blackberries
1 c Frozen Peaches
1/4 tsp Acai powder
1/4 tsp Maqui powder
1/4 c Frozen Banana
1 tsp Hemp seeds
1/2 tsp Matcha powder
1 2/3 c Orange juice

Combining all ingredients in a blender and puré until smooth. Pour into your desired smoothie cup, (I like mason jars), and garnish with a little matcha and hemp seeds.