Quinoa, Kale And Cranberry Salad W/Honey Tahini Sauce

Kale is something I just recently started using in recipes due to it’s popular health benefits. So, when I was trying to think up a good quinoa salad, this little vegetable had the color and flavor I needed. It came out perfect with the honey tahini sauce and low on the cals.

The Sauce:
2 tbs tahini paste
½ tbs lemon juice
½ tbs orange juice
2 ½ tbs water
1 tbs honey

The salad
2 c Quinoa cooked
2 tbs dried cranberries
½ c walnut pieces
2 lg kale leaves
1 tbs fresh blueberries per person

Start by preparing the tahini sauce. Transfer everything to a bowl and whisk until well combine. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Transfer the quinoa, cranberries and walnuts to a bowl. Rinse your kale leave. Remove the thick center stem. Tear the leaves into small pieces. Transfer to the quinoa bowl. Toss the salad well. Equally plate up the salad and top each with 1 tbs fresh blueberries. Drizzle with the honey tahini and there you have it.