As I’ve been taking this journey to learn yoga and yoga instruction, working my way to becoming a certified yoga instructor, I’ve done a lot of reading up on and watching videos about a yoga lifestyle. Most, do not eat meat. As anyone can see in my posts, this is going to be an immensely difficult thing for me, simply because I love smoking meat, Bar-B-Queing, charcuterie etc. Although I may not lay off meat completely, my meat cravings have absolutely been dwindling down, especially since alcohol is a no-no in yoga as well. Not everyone follows this same path, but im pushing to take as much in as possible. Thus, my ACTUAL meals have become very different. I’ve found that I love hemp toast. I already love the flavor of hemp seeds, but throwing it on toast with a couple of other things is right up my alley. So, here is my version of the trendy avocado toast.

½ small avocado
¼ tsp lemon juice
1 slice artisan buckwheat bread
3 thin slices Cucumber
3 thin slices jalapeno
Fresh cracked pepper
½ tbs hemp seeds

Smash up the avocado in a bowl. Mix in the lemon juice.Toast the bread to desired donness. Spread avocado evenly over your toast. Layer the cucumber and jalapenos over the avocado. Season with the fresh cracked pepper and finish it off with the hemp seeds. Voila!