This is who I am:

Hello everyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you what I am all about.
My name is Christina Larson and I am a former professional chef with over 20 years of restaurant experience under my belt. During my time in the restaurant industry I acquired my wine specialist certification and made my way to several magazines and newspapers. I had the unmatched privilege of being trained by well-known chefs and honored to cook for celebrities and politicians. During that time, I made my way around the restaurant scene, starting in fine dining, transitioning into taverns and pubs, then back to fine dining again as a general manager. I learned a lot during my time opening restaurants, writing winning menus and training hundreds of employees. My off time was often spent teaching cooking classes and as a guest speaker for the local culinary arts class.
I enjoyed my time in the hospitality industry very much and so many times I had wished I could go back, but I chose to hang up my apron and spend more time with my family. I stay busy and try to focus on life and how I can make it a little simpler. If you are anything like me, you’re always out to try the next diet, cost efficient recipe and consistently trying to figure out how to make your date nights a little better. Hopefully, this blog will assist you in finding the right recipe for the occasion. If nothing else, you may even find bits and pieces of my life as funny as I do.
In this blog you’re NOT going to find a lot of recipe description or a lot of salt, but you WILL find a lot of mushrooms, a lot of bacon, a lot of fried eggs and a whole lot of messy-mouthwatering-pub-style food. Personally, I’ve always felt the messier the burger, the better. Nothing compares to greasy-cheesy goodness running down your hand while shoving a mouthwatering burger between your teeth.
I have recently written my first cookbook titled, “Eat My Biscuits” and I have to admit, it is definitely one of a kind. Check it out for yourself!

So, if you’re interested in shortcuts to an elegant meal, learning a little restaurant kitchen lingo or just needing a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place.

Christina Larson Girl-Chef Tastes
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