Craving a Cantankerous Cab?


O.k. folks, California wines usually have a tendency to be manipulated by the grower. The flavors are more predictable. Many times, this is why you will taste a variety of fruits, tobacco, vegetables, vanilla, oak etc. In your California wines. They are much more different than your European imported wines which are usually restricted from using irrigation systems and flavor manipulation. That’s not to say this is a bad thing, although if you want a more natural flavor European might be your best bet. Josh wine is one of my favorite California Cabernéts. It is very dry with mild hints of black cherry and a lot of oak and has a beautiful oaky finish. It’s a wonderful red wine that can be paired with pastas carrying a red sauce or red meat dishes. They also carry a wonderful lighter oaky Chardonnay that has a sweeter crisp finish that pair well with white sauces, seafood, and foul. You can find Josh wines in most stores now for around $12 or $13.

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