Easiest German Spaetzle Ever

One of my favorite things to order when I lived in German country for a year and a half was  spaetzle. There’s something about that subtle butteriness to balance out a hearty jägerschnitzel. Unfortunately, it’s often made by using a specific tool that allows loose batter to drip from small holes into a pot of boiling water. This recipe alleviates the need for the tool and/or the batter.

1 can regular biscuits
Water for boiling
Ice bath for shocking pasta
1 tbs butter
1 tbs fresh parsley, minced
Salt to taste (optional)

This recipe works best using a plastic flexible cutting board. Remove biscuits from can and separate on a nonstick surface. Take one biscuit and pinch off about 1/8. Roll it into a ball using your fingers. Set on cutting board and roll upwards to create a tiny worm-like shape. Set aside. Continue process until you have made desired amount of spaetzle. In a medium pot, bring 2 qt water to a boil. Carefully scrape spaetzle into water and boil for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, fill a large bowl with cold water and ice. Once spaetzle is done, use a slotted spoon to transfer to the ice bath. Allow to sit for 15 minutes. Transfer to colander and rinse thoroughly. Set aside. Melt butter in a large sauté pan. Add spaetzle. Lightly brown on all sides. Mix in parsley and serve.