Glazed Doughnuts (Eat My Biscuits)

Glazed doughnuts are undoubtedly a secret addiction I have, thankfully I keep myself away from them as much as possible. If I have one, I have to have another, then another and another until I’ve eaten six or more. Yes, I can put away a serious glazed doughnut. I’m so ashamed…not really, but honestly, I do try to avoid them. I have an unhealthy yearning for them, their steamy inside hidden by a sweet tender shell that crumbles under the fierce hungry pressure of one’s gnashing teeth…oh so good. These biscuit doughnuts give anyone easy access to that classic goodness with ease and are mere pennies on the dollar.

1 can plain or buttermilk biscuits
1 c powdered sugar
1 tbs milk

Preheat deep fryer to 350˚
Separate biscuits on a nonstick workstation. Use the large end of a size 824 pastry piping tip to cut holes into the center of all your biscuits. This will give you the doughnut holes. When your deep fryer is done preheating, fry 3-4 doughnuts at a time. Cook for 1 ½ – 2 minutes on each side. Repeat with remaining biscuits and holes. Allow to cool about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, make your glaze by mixing the powdered sugar and milk together using a whisk or fork. Combine well. To coat your doughnuts, drop them into the glaze bowl and coat both sides. Remove with a chopstick, or you can simply use your fingers and drop it in. Coat both sides and remove. Now eat.