Light N Healthy Lox Salad W Dill Cream

Everyone knows that diet food isn’t always appetizing, and Lord knows I get tired of plain salads all the time. Often, I simply don’t have the time to make all the prep for an awesome salad, but this one is so simple I can throw it together in no time. I adore lox, so this was a great dinner for me. You can absolutely cold smoke your own salmon, but I haven’t attempted that yet, so I use store-bought smoked salmon. Add a side of rice crackers for a little contrast.

8 c fresh spring mix

8 strips smoked salmon

4 tbs capers, drained

1/2 c sour cream


Divide the spring mix evenly between 4 plates. Tear the smoked salmon into 1″ pieces so you’re serving about 1/4 c pp. Sprinkle each salad with 1 tbs capers. Divide the sour cream evenly among the plates and top with a sprinkle of dill. There you have it, super simple lox salad.