College Food: Boudin Stuffed Jalapeño Tacos

Ok, I KNOW college students make bacon wrapped jalapeños on the patios of their apartments. I know this because I lived in a college apartment complex with a roommate when I was 18 and although my roommate and I were usually starving and would often be found scrounging for change to split a bean burrito from Taco Bell just to eat that day, I do remember how the guys in the complex threw parties and stuffed jalapeños were almost always on the menu. But, this is no ordinary bacon wrapped jalapeño, this is a boudin stuffed jalapeño, wrapped in bacon and stuffed in a cheesy taco. Perfect for those late night college cravings. This recipe calls for preparing your own jalapeños, but absolutely works great with leftover jalapeños as well.

For The Jalapeños:

6 jalapeños, halved and seeded
6 oz seasoned boudin (about 2 links)
½ c water
½ tbs chicken bullion granules
½ block of cream cheese (about 4 oz)
12 slices hickory smoked bacon
6 slices provolone
6 flour tortillas

Start your jalapenos by preheating the oven to 350 degrees. Place the boudin links in a small sauce pot. Do not puncture the links. Add the water and bullion. Cover and cook over medium high heat for roughly 20 minutes or until the boudin has burst out of the casings and the liquid has almost completely evaporated and you’re left with a thick-sticky sauce at the bottom of the pot. Discard the casings. While the mix is still hot, mix in the cream cheese. Combine well. If the mix is too hot to handle, you can set aside until it has cooled a bit. If you don’t mind working with hot foods, start stuffing your jalapenos immediately. The amount you will use to fill each jalapeño will very based on the size, but do not over stuff. Just a good smear within the jalapeños is enough. Wrap each with a strip of bacon, making sure that each end of the strip ends up tucked under the jalapeños. Arrange on a lined sheet pan or roasting rack, making sure they are not touching. Transfer to oven and cook for roughly 20-30 minutes. If the top of the bacon is not crisp enough, turn on your broiler and broil for about 2 minutes or until the bacon crisps up to your liking. Be aware, this method causes bacon grease to splatter inside of your oven, so be very cautious before attempting. Once the jalapenos are done, set aside.
Slightly heat tortillas in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Put 1 slice of provolone in the center of each tortilla, followed by 1 stuffed and wrapped jalapeño. Fold tortilla over and heat in microwave for additional 30 seconds, heating 2 tacos at a time. An awesome grab-n-go food for any college student.

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