I was recently looking up vegan recipes, I am not a vegan and do not have a clue as to how they put their stuff together. Obviously, some of the dishes I’ve put together in my lifetime have been vegan, but not on purpose. So, intentionally cooking vegan dishes is a little intimidating for me and as I swipe from one recipe to another thinking, “OMG, this is gonna be expensive…” I came across these little frozen mandarin oranges. I read it was a comparison someone did on social media stating that these cute little oranges taste just like sorbet when frozen and thawed….well….they don’t, at least not to me. BUT, they are pretty good and a super healthy snack, not to mention it’s a really cool idea!

Mandarin oranges

Toss a few in the freezer to at least freeze overnight. When you’re ready for 1, set it on the counter to thaw for 1 hour. Slice through the skin around the outside edges and remove the top peel as you see in the picture. Now, take a bite. It’s that simple.