Duck Liver Mousse W/ Mortadella and Truffle Oil

Words can not express how much I love fowl mousse. I made a fantastic chicken liver mousse at one of my previous fine dining establishments and ended up melting a robocoupe (under the direction of a sauté cook who had more seniority than I at that time). Luckily we had another in the store room and we were back in business. Incidentally, there was also some under the table charcuterie curing going on there out of an old repurposed coke machine. Oh, the stories but, anywho, I’m getting off subject again. This crostini melts in your mouth. The combination of the mousse and the Mortadella, topped with that tiny drizzle of truffle oil is insane! Definitely pair this with a red wine, something like a port or merlot with hints of fruit or vanilla.

Desired amount of crostini (store bought)
½ tbs duck liver mousse per
Thin sliced Mortadella, ½ the amt of crostini
1-2 tbs curly parsley, finely minced
White truffle oil

Assemble your crostini on your serving plate or prep area. Spread the mousse over each crostini. Tear each slice of Mortadella in half and swirl around on top of the mousse creating a rose effect (semi-sloppy rose effect). Sprinkle a bit of parsley over each crostini, just enough to give them a little color. Drizzle just a bit of truffle oil over the top of each crostini, or you can drizzle over half to give guests a choice of with or w/o truffle oil. And voila! Your appetizers are ready to go.