Prosciutto Smashwich Made Easy

This sandwich came along the other day when I had quite a bit of prosciutto on hand, along with some amazing whole milk mozarella and fresh basil. All of that sounded great for a sandwich, but I needed something more. I initially thought about balsamic, but that would have been cutting it too close to my Bacon Caprese . Then, I remembered I had bought a jar of onion chutney that had been sitting in the pantry, begging to be opened. (You can usually find this in the specialties or ethnic cuisine isle at your grocery store)

Poifect! Easy-Peasy. Throw it all together and you have an easy lunch or dinner that takes about 7 minutes to prepare.

The Food:

4 ciabatta rolls, opened up
Non-stick cooking spray
8 tbs onion chutney
12 thick slices whole milk mozarella
2 c fresh sweet basil leaves
20 thin slices prosciutto

Start off by heating your flat top or griddle to about 350-360° (about medium-high heat). Once it’s to temp, spray both cut sides of your ciabatta rolls and set on griddle, sprayed side down. Carefully give them a light press. Once they’re all toasted, flip them over and toast on the outsides for less than a minute.  This is just to get a little heat on them. Transfer to a sheet pan and set aside. Pour your chutney into a microwave safe bowl, cover gently and heat for 1-1.5 minutes. Stir well. Spread 1 tablespoon of chutney on the cut side of each roll.

To assemble, top each of the bottom rolls with 3 slices of mozarella per roll. Top with about ½ a cup of basil per sandwich. Add 5 slices of prosciutto per and finish it off with the tops of your ciabatta rolls. There you have it. A super simple meal in less that 10 minutes.